Smells like winning. It’s the first ever bespoke Lottery fragrance.

To introduce the new GOLD RUSH DOUBLER family of Scratch-Offs in a way that would drive player interest and engagement, the Florida Lottery leveraged the high-end brand of the game to put a luxury spin on the expected imagery. We turned to virtual production to convey the high-end nature of the game, and recreate the grand scale of a classic perfume commercial for DOUBLER TV spot. Then, we’ve actually developed the fragrance, “DOUBLER by GOLD RUSH,” to be awarded to the Florida Lottery fans through a social media giveaway campaign. Just like the Lottery tickets, the fragrance allowed players to double their winnings with a cash prize Scratch-Off embedded into the unique packaging. The new Scratch-Offs became the top selling games in every price point just a week after launch. The Florida Lottery has sold over 40 million tickets and raised almost $35 million for Florida education.

What I Did

  • Creative Direction
  • Cinema 4D Modeling
  • Cinema 4D Animation
  • After Effects Motion Graphics
  • Premiere Pro Editing
  • Photoshop for Static Art
  • VO and Sound Direction
Summary DOUBLER Florida Lottery Osipovskii
DOUBLER Florida Lottery Osipovskii