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With the highest top prize of any Scratch-Off ever, 500X THE CASH is the most extreme Scratch-Off in Lottery history. Promotions for this unprecedented ticket had to measure up.

We found three contestants who were willing to take on extreme challenges, and face their fears just to scratch the Florida Lottery’s extraordinary tickets. All live, on Facebook. Our players maneuvered around fully-grown pythons, crunched on crispy crickets, dug deep into a tank of 30,000 mealworms, and reached blindly into unknown spaces to rescue as many tickets as they could. The Florida Lottery leveraged disruptive brand storytelling to help players imagine: what would they do for their chance at $25 million?

What I Did

  • Client Pitch
  • Creative & Art Direction
  • Motion Design & Editing
  • Shoot and Live Show Direction

Awards & Mentions

  • 3 Addy Awards
  • Ads of The World
  • 1 Muse Award
  • Digiday Shortlist
  • Still Counting 😉
Summary Florida Lottery Scratch Factor Osipovskii
Collage Florida Lottery Scratch Factor Osipovskii