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The new Week For Life Scratch-Off games from the Florida Lottery have prizes of up to $5,000 a week, for life. This means winners keep winning for the rest of their lives.

The Florida Lottery decided to leverage this unique winning proposition through promoting wellness and longevity among the players. Together with Jason Rodelo, a dance instructor, social media celebrity and a professional motivator, we created the Week For Life Wellness Series. With a healthy dose of humor, motivation, and giveaways, we shared advice with Florida Lottery players on how they can live long and win on.

What I Did

  • Client Pitch
  • Creative & Art Direction
  • Motion Design & Editing
  • Shoot Direction

Awards & Mentions

  • Digiday Content Marketing Award 🏆
  • Hermes Platinum
  • Shorty Audience Honor & Bronze
  • Internet Advertising Competition Award
  • Addy Gold & Addy Silver
  • Telly Silver
  • Ads of The World
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